Be simple.Be sophisticated!!!

I believe most of you have heard this proverb “Simplicity is sophistication.” ( Written by umm-someone.)
But believe me the guy(or the girl) was very right. when its hot outside no one prefers to wear very heavy clothes, me included.
So to fight the heat and to increase your sexiness here is one of the most simple outfit.
Note: HEY! This is my first post it may not be great but I hope you will like it. As it is my First post so this is a long one. Please be patient and read on!




Hmm… So

Where do we start?
I suppose bottom to up would be great.
Shoes – Shoes are one of the most important accessories for both men and women. I prefer ‘Slip-on Sneakers’ most of the time. You can try various shoes according to your taste and preference. You could take the example of basketball shoes or the ankle shoes. Wear it right – Choose the shoes according to your outfit. not all shoes go with every outfit.
Socks- Generally we teenagers don’t like to wear socks , but some of you might not be comfortable without them. So if you wear socks with shoes. Keep two things in mind. 1) Color of the Socks and 2) Length of the socks(C&L Formula). If you are wearing the Jeans/chinos or whatever in ‘Fisherman Style’(that is what I call it). Same as I’m wearing in the above outfit. Prefer ankle-length socks. As for the color, match it with the outfit. focus on the color. you could choose the color you think will go with the outfit.

Jeans/Chinos/Cargo’s/Trouser’s/Or whatever you want wear – For this part you have to be very specific ,as this is second main part of the outfit (first is the shirt/T-shirt). You should always try to wear the bottoms to a specific length not more than the ankle. Narrow or slim fit in Plus size is not very-well recommend by me. But sure, you can give it a try.
The Balloon Jeans/Pants are not recommend. Believe me those 80’s/90’s days are gone. I know you could argue history repeats itself but my worthy reader this is not the time when history is repeating.
But if you like balloon Jeans/Pants…. no one can restrict you. you could give it a try.
For those who will try Balloon Jeans/Pants some tips.
• At least wear it to your ankle, if you go down more than that it really really wont look good.
• Try to fold it to some extent, not to the top like the picture above but at least a bit.
• Wear shoes accordingly. For eg- Sneaker will not go with them.

Any other type of bottoms you can ask me.

T-Shirt/Shirt – This is the most important part of the outfit. you have to take this very seriously.
Always try to match the shirt or the T-shirt with your bottoms or it won’t look good.
Color Combination is really important.
If you wear Very Dark Colors with this type of Cargo (above picture) it won’t suit you and that’s for sure.
Choose wisely while choosing this. Also the color, we mostly wear light colors in summers so that they do not absorb the heat. I know you look very well in black but hey you could sacrifice your black for some time right? And if you don’t want to sacrifice I won’t force you. to tell you the truth, sometimes I also prefer Black.

Now talking about the most important stuff which give a glam to the personality are the accessories.

Accessories are very important and what are essentials for the fashion lover are listed below
• Wrist Watch – Choose your wrist watch wisely if you don’t it would hamper your looks for the plus sized i would suggest watch with a big dial. Color you could choose yourself but I repeat again choose wisely.
• Handkerchief – White Handkerchief generally goes with every outfit also it looks good but if you are not a fan of white choose your own colored handkerchief but try to match it with the outfit. Always remember to carry clean handkerchief or else you are done for.
• Perfume- Wear it right, when you are going for outdoor prefer strong perfumes and when for a small party choose decent perfumes.
• Wallet- This is one of the most important accessory as this gives a strong vibe about your personality. If you don’t prefer to buy many wallets buy a good quality light brown wallet because light brown generally goes with every outfit.
• Glasses(if you wear one)/ Sunglasses –
Now these were essentials lets now talk about the optional ones.

I been checking out the fashion bloggers from a very long time I found out that they like to wear these optional accessories.
• Neck Chains – Gold or silver as you like it. But try to shove the bronze ones.
• Wristbands- Choose the not-too-large-ones for your hand. It won’t suit you for sure.
• Wrist chains and accessories- For this try to keep it simple. I wear a Kada (a metal bracelet ) . So you could choose anything you like for eg – The Black pearl chain.
• Swag caps- Now these are very complicated ones we also call them baseball caps but they are somewhat different. First of all when you wear them look at the color that’s very important and when wearing it don’t wear it straight. Sometimes it look good but sometimes it looks awkward.
• Head Bands- For these I could only say that don’t prefer too big ones and also choose the color wisely.
Last but Not the least Hairstyle.
This also plays a very crucial role choose your hairstyle according to you face and also your choice. I like funky and short hairstyles. You choose yours. But always remember your hair represent you.

So what are you waiting for ??? Come on, get up from wherever you are, try new clothes and try bringing up new combinations from your old clothes that will save you many pennies in your or your parent’s pocket.
Be Confident what you are wearing even if you are wearing torn jeans wear it like its fashion. Wear it like a boss. Self-Confidence is a must don’t let your body dominate. Let your personality do the talking. You are special, body doesn’t matter man. Remember always be Confident and dressed well.
Signing off!!!!
Yours fashion blogger
Shubham Yadav
Come On. Get Up. Get Dressed.

Special Thanx to:
Aakarshan Jakhar (Editor)

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