About Me


PLUS DAPPER! Weird isn’t it? For me No, For you maybe.

Everyone out there, every now and then has been asking me about what does this mean.

As I started with all this, I feel it’s important to provide you with an outline regarding the same.

PLUS signifies fat, heavy, hefty size people (as also in the logo word ‘L’ has been replaced by a ‘PLUS SIZE’ Person.) and DAPPER stands for (of a man) neat and trim in dress and appearance.

You must have come across many brands, hoardings all around (of clothing companies) displaying their latest collection with ‘Perfect looking’ models. Although the same brands provide collection for Plus Sizes but they are never advertised in the mainstream media.

I, you, or any person on this planet whom you have known in a lifetime (if he/she is fat) would have been or will be Body Shamed in a way or the other. Treated like an extra terrestrial from a different planet.

In today’s consumeristic world, where everything is objectified and marketed, bodies too have become a victim of the same. This is why PLUS SIZES are looked as TABOO in today’s society, I mean who doesn’t want a perfect 6 pack body with the cuts so that they look sexy and roam around naked, but at the end of the day they too are human as we are.

See the irony, we are living in 21st century and RACISM still holds its roots in society but in a modified manner! I mean how they can never think out of those closed minds? – BODY SHAMERS are the next big things which are going to lead the world! – To the dark.

So the motive behind my blog is to encourage you and myself and create awareness that though everyone’s different but we are no less than anyone! We have the power to change the world; we just need a different perspective to see the world!


You were, you are and you will be the best always.

So guys JOIN HANDS, We can change the world and make a new mainstream – PLUS REVOLUTION!