#Breaking the mainstream – White Canvas Shoes!

When i was a child since then i been wondering why our school forced us to wear the white canvas shoes well till now i haven’t got the answer but now after 16 year of my education i don’t find those shoes as school ones i find them as fashion statement. Once i was just chatting with my friend on whatsapp and we decided to wear  a exact same dress on a party so that we can look as brothers we were all set but then shoes ruined all the show! As i was very hopeful that we would be wearing the white canvas shoes but he said no to it. It could be his own personal reason but what i felt was that because of the school days! We were at the conclusion that we would be wearing whatever we want. The main focus of this post is the mind setup of the persons. We often find saying elders to this generation girls wearing western clothes ‘What the hell are you wearing?’.
We find them annoying really very very much but as we see it from there point of view they are not really wrong its the mind setup which they have constructed during there growing years. The point is that its very difficult to change the mind setup for me for you for everyone out there. But that doesn’t mean its impossible. We are in 21st century and its already 2016 and we are near to 2017 and the world is changing day by day every minute and we have to cope up. Its time to change. We have often heard that we have to change ourselves to change others and i believe in this. Because  i have started working on it. I started a blog changing myself was a very difficult part but that hostel taught me how to Do it yourself (DIY).

Its not about me or you its about getting used to the daily world.

Accepting the things as they are.

Not creating only one image for anything.

We are modernizing but it does not only mean wearing the western clothes or something its about changing yourself not only from outside but from inside too. Coordinating body,mind and soul.

So the thing is what you have always pictured  as something turns out to be something different.

To prove my point i have White canvas shoes. Which we used to wear in our school days. Yeah they are old school.😂😂 and also my fashion statement.



Even my mom was angry when i bought these pairs and yeah i know also they contradicts my 2nd last post

‘4 essentials you should never buy cheap!’ but anyways i bought them because they are a perfect example how to break_the_mainstream.

‘Love yourself. Love your body and show off yourself to the world’ – Shubham Yadav


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