Checks Checked! 2

Checks are a wonderful piece of art pasted upon the most beautiful canvas – Body. So what’s better than a full sleeve shirt with black and white checks and a pair of white trouser and to compliment it a hat and sunglasses. So let’s check … Read MoreChecks Checked! 2

Common! Ummm not so common! 5

We love designs at least I do I don’t see many of the plus size people wearing designer shirt so here I FLAUNT my shirt I paired it with my white pant and black shoes! LETS ROCK THE FLOOR! Checkout!


What do you feel like when you have on a pair of white trousers ,a sunny striped shirt and a  sunny day?? You obviously show off. So here I am, doing the same: Because white makes everything look great.    


Usually when we the Plus size category don’t wear floral and some-shade-pink t-shirts but the main motive of this blog is clear to ‘Break the mainstream’ and also the tag line says ‘Find ‘NEW’ in yourself’. So they are not just words they carry the … Read MoreFLORAL RED-O-WHITE! 2