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Society Is Thin Centric 5

After reading the title some would wake up from their deep slumber and some would be rolling up their sleeves as they would be thinking that I am getting into a fight. But no I am just speaking my heart out and it’s my normal course of action so chillax!

And yes please unfold your sleeves you are scaring shit out of me!

I have been many a time in a situation where people come and ask me “Hey! You are fat, how can you wear these types of clothes?” I am either dumbstruck at how people even in 21st century (when it’s already 2016) can be so racists about being fat or I am in full-speaking mode (and that’s too dangerous for anyone).

People are modernizing but are they really? Or are they just doing a melodrama to show to the society that they are ‘Modernized’.

DSC_8376 edited  Society Is Thin Centric yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7
Body Postivity!

These type of racist people’s are called ‘BODY SHAMERS!’.

They tell us that our body is ‘imperfect’ and also try to make it a point about how being fat is equals to being unhealthy lifestyle. Oh please! I am so frustrated listening to all these things people always used to tell me this and you won’t believe it they used to tell me this even when I was like 10 year old.

For me its an art of living.

Being Fat is never accepted in the society from the beginning of the past, not even a single god/titan is portrayed ‘Fat’ in any of the mythologies neither in the Greek nor in the Roman and Egyptian mythologies.

Many a time I have even heard that being fat is considered as a taboo in the society. Who doesn’t want a perfect 6 packs abs body? Lets face it nobody likes the fat structure. And some people also try to convince me that because I am fat I am single (and I am like ‘umm.. So you don’t see me as the creature of this planet. Got it’). Damn people can be so annoying at times that’s why I prefer books over people. Books give us strength to face the challenge.

As its already said by someone that ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’. So I won’t repeat it but I am in full support of it. Many of my friends liked my initiative so much that they too wont to be a part of it (all of them are not Plus Size) and on the other hand there are friends who call me dumbass for making such blog. So I understood that it’s all about perspective and depends upon people to people.

For the perfect example about how our society is thin centric we can take the advertisements of clothing companies, many a times we see the ads of these companies on the ad there would surely be a ‘Perfect-toned’ body model that would be showing off the latest collection of the companies. Don’t those same companies manufacture clothes for ‘us’ – Plus Sized? So why not us? That so some extent proves my point.

To all those who think that being fat is taboo then I am taboo. If wearing the best clothes available for us downfalls the dignity of the clothes so let me tell you that I am the one who holds the dignity and not the clothes.

Body Shamers Look around Plus Size peoples are wooing you. So I would like to tell all the Body Shamers please go to the Hades place as soon as possible and yeah don’t forget to put a coin under you tongue or else you won’t be able to cross the Styx. God Bless You.

“I am not FAT. Its just my Cuteness in Excess.” – Shubham Yadav, FB POST

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Rocking, Styling, Playing(with) – Our Denim! 7

Rocking, Styling, Playing(with) – Our Denim! edited7 2

edited5  Rocking, Styling, Playing(with) – Our Denim! yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Denim is the simple way of expressing yourself simply!
Most of us wear denim not with an intension to look cool but however it does. (Let’s face it denim is all about being cool).
So here I wanted to show off my denim collection although I don’t have much to show off but still I can make you style it right.

No1. Turns ups

Edited2  Rocking, Styling, Playing(with) – Our Denim! yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

This can be the kick starter for rocking your denim. Some experiment it with folding up high and showing off their sock and boots give it a try. As experimenting gives results.

No2. Keep it open … Or Closed

edited3  Rocking, Styling, Playing(with) – Our Denim! yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

As I have discovered that denim is not everyone taste, it’s a bold statement.

Wearing it closed gives a bold and sexy looks and guess what you can also make it a formal one just tug your denim shirt in and tada!

No3. Fold it to elbow

edited6  Rocking, Styling, Playing(with) – Our Denim! yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7


As we already faced it that denim is all about being cool. So why not to keep it folded to the elbow and look sexy?

No4. Roll it high!

edited4  Rocking, Styling, Playing(with) – Our Denim! yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Most of us like to show off our socks and boots so why not to fold the trouser or jeans or chinos some high and look great. Seriously this gives me good feeling. Denim really is very flexible it goes with chinos and trousers also but the selection of best colors is compulsory for that.

So be Sexy! People will say whatever they want.

In hindi we have a proverb “Let the people say whatever they want. Its their right to speak”

Well, I know i always say this and its for a reason.

Be CONFIDENT. Be YOURSELF. and Be Proud about your Body!



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Usually when we the Plus size category don’t wear floral and some-shade-pink t-shirts but the main motive of this blog is clear to ‘Break the mainstream’ and also the tag line says ‘Find ‘NEW’ in yourself’. So they are not just words they carry the main motive. So here is a new outfit which can just create a new type of PLUS SIZE REVOLUTION.

Floral Dark Pink t-Shirt paired with white trouser; because white makes everything great.

White – Color of peace.

So what are you waiting for check out the latest collection.








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#Breaking the mainstream – White Canvas Shoes! 4

#Breaking the mainstream – White Canvas Shoes! IMG 20160623 200355 2

When i was a child since then i been wondering why our school forced us to wear the white canvas shoes well till now i haven’t got the answer but now after 16 year of my education i don’t find those shoes as school ones i find them as fashion statement. Once i was just chatting with my friend on whatsapp and we decided to wear  a exact same dress on a party so that we can look as brothers we were all set but then shoes ruined all the show! As i was very hopeful that we would be wearing the white canvas shoes but he said no to it. It could be his own personal reason but what i felt was that because of the school days! We were at the conclusion that we would be wearing whatever we want. The main focus of this post is the mind setup of the persons. We often find saying elders to this generation girls wearing western clothes ‘What the hell are you wearing?’. Continue reading #Breaking the mainstream – White Canvas Shoes! 4

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Denim Blend! 3

Most of us love to wear it- THE DENIM.

When we see Denim, we are usually overwhelmed as it always seems cool.

Sometimes we make a strict plan not to spend a penny on clothes, but between Denim and our resolution. Denim always wins.

While some of you might say that “denim’s are all same.”

Man ……you are saying that Nutella is same as any other choco-spread out there. Have you lost it? No offence, but then maybe you are not a fashion freak.

Always wearing denim both up and down is too much mainstream.

Giving something a try is a must. So I paired my denim Shirt with my white trousers and here is what it looks like:




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Be simple.Be sophisticated!!! 2

I believe most of you have heard this proverb “Simplicity is sophistication.” ( Written by umm-someone.)
But believe me the guy(or the girl) was very right. when its hot outside no one prefers to wear very heavy clothes, me included.
So to fight the heat and to increase your sexiness here is one of the most simple outfit.
Note: HEY! This is my first post it may not be great but I hope you will like it. As it is my First post so this is a long one. Please be patient and read on!

edited2  Be simple.Be sophisticated!!! yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

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