Checks Checked!

Checks are a wonderful piece of art pasted upon the most beautiful canvas – Body.

So what’s better than a full sleeve shirt with black and white checks and a pair of white trouser and to compliment it a hat and sunglasses.

So let’s check out the same

White Trousers and checks
Black Back

There are two ways of warning the same outfit (well there are many but I am focusing on just two.)

FIRST way where you can ‘tug’ the shirt into the trousers, it would give you a more formal look and to enhance the same look you can wear a formal shoes , also you can wear a black blazer if you are upto a meeting that would look professional without a hectic change. Life needs to be simple.

Own Swag



TIP #1 – When choosing a shirt for yourself, make sure it is comfortable and not too tight for you or it would make you look awkward and more fat and too it will be having an bad effect on your health.

TIP #2 – After you had tugged in your shirt, just pull out a little bit of it from the waist line and back side. It looks elegant and makes you feel comfortable.



 Who wants to be formal all the time with those bulky blazers and a heavy heat outside this is the time when you want to be causal, simple and sexy.

So in the same outfit just keep the shirt out and let it come over the trousers.

You can choose whether to keep the sleeves folded or you want it in a full length.

Shoes are the most important part to complete the outfit, in this case sneakers or loafers would do the magic a black sneaker or a white pair of shoes would do it too.

Also a blue or black loafer would be a great idea for pairing up.





Too Hot? Check what could be done to your clothes to save you from the heat @ LIGHT SEASON!

TIP #3 – Try to wear loafer socks with the loafers as this adds a charm to your dress . Though it’s not a compulsion.

Guys this is it, what are you waiting for?


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