Denim Blend!

Most of us love to wear it- THE DENIM.

When we see Denim, we are usually overwhelmed as it always seems cool.

Sometimes we make a strict plan not to spend a penny on clothes, but between Denim and our resolution. Denim always wins.

While some of you might say that “denim’s are all same.”

Man ……you are saying that Nutella is same as any other choco-spread out there. Have you lost it? No offence, but then maybe you are not a fashion freak.

Always wearing denim both up and down is too much mainstream.

Giving something a try is a must. So I paired my denim Shirt with my white trousers and here is what it looks like:





IMG_7643 IMG_7646 IMG_7655


Why to stay in one style? You could be semi-formal as well as casual with the same outfit! Yeah! Why Not?


Wear it right – The Casual Day!


Keep the denim out as and fold the trouser to the calf. Or you could simply only fold it to your ankle as you like it.

Wear the shades (if available then blue) and make people jealous out there. and yes cut those stereotypes.


These semi-formals would suit you great when you want to meet someone not too much formal.

Wear it right – ‘The Semi-Formal Icon.’

Tug in you denim in your trouser and take the fold to a decent height or you could unfold it. (Recommendable only if it’s a bit narrow fit.)

You could also wear socks with them just remember the C&L(Color & Length) Formula.(Check the previous post).


You could also button up the first button of your denim it can make you look more Semi-Formal.


Belt – When wearing a white trouser belt choosing is an crucial part.

So choose the belt wisely. Brown almost suits with every outfit. Try the brown belt and also a black would go great with this outfit.

You can surely do some experiments after all it’s ‘Your’ Outfit.

Shoes could be a great challenge for you. I didn’t have a brown pair so I tried to pair it with my blue slip on sneakers. Brown Boots or loafers would go really great with white trousers and denim.

Try to keep it as simple as you can.

Watch – Watch is an essential part of the men accessories keep it simple but try to match the watch with something in your outfit It could even be the color of the buttons.

Additionally you could choose to wear your own accessories which suit you.

Hats you could give them a try.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Inspired. Get Dressed. Make People Jealous. Go! Go! Go.


Yeah!!!! Last but not the least. BE CONFIDENT.


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