Keep it simple! 2

Hello after a long time guys, the work Load keeps me busy!

Please show some generosity while I show you the most cliche dark denim jeans a pair of black shoes with a simple T-shirt.

Sometimes being easy wearing clothes (not aggressively) makes it easier to gain the confidence. As you feel relaxed the confidence level boost up.

As i already told that this is a daily look blog. Keeping it simple makes a whole difference.

“Simplicity is the best sophistication”

The evergreen and everlasting dark denim is a must in every stylish men wardrobe. because it goes with almost all kind of shirt and t shirts.Yeah.Thank Me Later. No more words when action speaks.

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In the Picture:

1.Maroon and Dark Blue Fitted Polo with white stripes.

(I cannot find the link for this product. Sorry).

2.A Dark Denim

and The Black Vans- “Off the Wall” which compliments the outfit great.

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2 thoughts on “Keep it simple! 2

  1. Bro… you r are doing very great… and the way u present its really put of the league… be the same.. keep doing what u r doing….
    We love u pur plus dapper…

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