Layering Up

This has to be the trend of the year 2016,2017,18… That means it’s evergreen.
Every man had tried layering up at least once in a lifetime. Be it the suit or casual shirt and to be honest it literally makes an enhancement in the whole look.
For example what i am wearing is a simple monochrome dress i.e. Plain white Shirt and black jeans and when I wear my big-checks shirt it totally enhances it and makes it a new outfit. That’s the point you always have to be creative about picking up something new every day.

*Sorry I am totally obsessed with these retro sunglasses*

You wear it as you are comfortable with be it sleeves folded up or full sleeves. The main thing is you should feel comfortable in your skin and clothes both at the same time.

It is the best time of the season to pair up, because Winters. Go out or stay in , whatever you have or buy new clothes just pair up.

Plus Modelling

Also, you have to check that you fit in those clothes they are not too tight to too loose. A tailor is the best person you can go to and find the ‘great one’ one is the best thing in the life.

Plus Size male Model

Blogger and Model

Love Yourself

Plus Dapper


Next Time you go out for shopping try something new, not the cliche you have been wearing for years.

Or Just DM me on Instagram or messenger or email me. If you feel like before buying those expensive clothes a suggestion feel free anytime available for you guys.

“Live your Life Plus Size”

-Shubham aka Plus Dapper

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