Rocking, Styling, Playing(with) – Our Denim!


Denim is the simple way of expressing yourself simply!
Most of us wear denim not with an intension to look cool but however it does. (Let’s face it denim is all about being cool).
So here I wanted to show off my denim collection although I don’t have much to show off but still I can make you style it right.

No1. Turns ups


This can be the kick starter for rocking your denim. Some experiment it with folding up high and showing off their sock and boots give it a try. As experimenting gives results.

No2. Keep it open … Or Closed


As I have discovered that denim is not everyone taste, it’s a bold statement.

Wearing it closed gives a bold and sexy looks and guess what you can also make it a formal one just tug your denim shirt in and tada!

No3. Fold it to elbow



As we already faced it that denim is all about being cool. So why not to keep it folded to the elbow and look sexy?

No4. Roll it high!


Most of us like to show off our socks and boots so why not to fold the trouser or jeans or chinos some high and look great. Seriously this gives me good feeling. Denim really is very flexible it goes with chinos and trousers also but the selection of best colors is compulsory for that.

So be Sexy! People will say whatever they want.

In hindi we have a proverb “Let the people say whatever they want. Its their right to speak”

Well, I know i always say this and its for a reason.

Be CONFIDENT. Be YOURSELF. and Be Proud about your Body!



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