Plus Dapper

Under Reconstruction

Will be Back Soon!

Hey There, I posted my First Blog Post in June 2016 and now we are in November 2019. This Journey has been a Hell of a ride. I have had a lot of different Experiences around Body Positivity and Body image.

There were and always will be different opinions about the “Initiatives” you take. As an Individual, Blogger, Student I have grown and still growing. Nobody is perfect and never will be because humans are designed to find flaws in others to prove themselves better. 

This blog was started by a Sixteen-year-old who wanted to change the world how people perceive and deal with Body Image issues or any other Mental Health Issues because he was suffering and didn’t want anyone else to go down that path, after 4 years I am 20-Years-Old and still suffer from many issues we all are coping up and growing eventually. Plus Dapper has been the path of Self-Exploration and self-analysis for me and I don’t want to continue it because I started it. Preferably I want to be sure and honest about how I feel and what I think, I don’t want to rush into anything.

Plus Dapper Will be back soon stronger and better. Till then you can always reach to me about any problems you face or anything you want to talk to someone. I may not be able to find the solution because everyone explores paths of life themselves but I will try to my best to be a great companion in the Journey of Life.

Stay Strong and Love Yourself.

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